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Many travellers are surprised and daunted by the amount of choice there is when it comes to Africa!

A safari in Africa can be a life-changing journey.

But so many people get it wrong by booking “cookie cutter” safari packages, or the first lodge to appear on Google. There is SO MUCH MORE to exploring the beautiful, wild and untamed corners of Africa and we can help you achieve this. 


What is the most important part of planning a safari?

The best safaris in Africa occur when you match the right experiences with your personality and preferences.

Do you love thrill and adventure? Then you want a walking safari in Big 5 country or to swim with the Great White Sharks!

Do you want to give your family a journey they will never forget? Then chat to people who actually have families so you KNOW the lodges and camps you visit will have something for everyone!

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“In summary, this was one of our very best holidays.”

“The gorillas were a truly great experience in every way. The whole camp experience was special. Thank you once again from all of us for organizing such a fantastic family holiday!”

– Mr & Mrs W, United Kingdom

What makes us different to everyone else offering safaris to Africa?

There are many ways to book and experience an African safari. But the big difference with African Sojourns is that BEFORE we tell you where to go, we find out what makes you tick and excited. We believe that before you can decide what you will like on a safari, we need to know more about you!

Too many people just book the first lodge or safari they find without asking
is this the best idea for me and/or my family?” 

Our commitment to your dreams.

We will make sure that no stone is left unturned in making your trip the best it can be

We get to know you

Before we give you ANY safari plans, we need to get an idea of what makes you excited and what your dreams are.

We know Africa

We won’t work with any towns, camps, airlines or lodges that we don’t know intimately ourselves.

We stay involved

Once you are travelling, we work tirelessly behind the scenes making sure everything goes to plan.

Do you want to know our secrets?

Experiencing a life-changing journey involves two components. The first is working out which African safaris will suit you. The second is knowing all the moods and tones of Africa so that we can give you the best recommendations and highlights available during the time you travel.


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Whilst every safari we plan is tailored to our client’s needs, over the years we have noticed that some destinations and safaris are more popular

Browse our popular choices below.

How do we start working together?

Send us your dreams.

Let us know what you have been thinking and what you enjoy doing on a holiday.

WE’ll give you a call

We will have a chat to get to know more about YOU and what you want from an African safari.

We’ll do the planning

Once we know your timing, your likes and your dreams, we will start planning the perfect safari for you!

Are you ready to get started? 

Let us know what you have been thinking about in Africa!

Example: 4 adults and 3 children (11yrs, 9yrs, 7yrs)
Example: 15 - 30 July 2022
Please Note: The safari part of your trip is generally the most expensive with average costs for luxury accommodation around USD1, 500 per person per night to over USD3, 000 per person per night.
Perhaps you could tell us some of the most successful and fun holidays that you have experienced.

  • “We had the most amazing time in Namibia! Thank you so much for all the effort you went to to make it such a wonderful holiday!”

    – Lesley
  • “It was absolutely utterly stunning and amazing! Thank u so much for all your planning, thought and assistance.”

    – Georgie
  • “We travel a lot. This was the best trip we’ve ever taken! Thanks for making this a marvelous journey.”

    – Bill
  •  “You planned an amazing trip for us.  I don’t know how we will ever be able to top it!! Thank you for everything!”

    – Chantil
  • “Thank you for yet another fabulous trip!  It was as memorable and wonderful as both our honeymoon and trip with my parents.”

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