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The beauty of an African safari is that you interact with wild, untamed elements and creatures.

But nature can be unpredictable and you don’t want to waste your time and money travelling to Africa and missing that ONE experience you really wanted.

Whilst we certainly can’t control the weather, the seasons and the wildlife in Africa, you would be amazed by how much you CAN predict and plan your safari around. Here are a collection of FREE tips and secrets that most people don’t know when planning a safari to Africa. 

See how many you knew about?


Can you be guaranteed to see the Big 5 in the wild?

The ‘normal’ answer: 
No, nothing in nature can be guaranteed.

Africans Sojourns answer:  Almost. If you ABSOLUTELY have to see the Big 5, then spending a minimum of 4 nights in the Sabi Sands will all but guarantee this. No other destination delivers sightings of ALL the Big 5 as consistently and as often.


If I visit Kenya, will I get to see the migration?

The normal answer: Yes, the wildebeest migration takes place in Kenya and Tanzania.

Africans Sojourns answer: You can go to East Africa and hardly see a single wildebeest! The wildebeest migration follows a roughly circular pattern and the rains meaning that you need to know the traditional times and patterns to get your timing correct.


Is it just wildebeest and zebra that migrate in big groups?

The normal answer: Yes, this phenomenon is what we refer to as “the migration”

Africans Sojourns answer:  There are also other migrations that take place in Africa. Huge colonies of bats migrate across Zambia. Carmine Bee Eaters congregate in large groups in the Mana Pools region of Zimbabwe.


Do we have to travel in June, July and August to have good wildlife sightings?

The normal answer: The winter months are when game is easy to spot, due to the lack of foliage.

Africans Sojourns answer: Game can be viewed throughout the year.  The “Green Season” is an especially nice time to be in the bush and is often cheaper as well

insider secret #5

Is it true that I am not allowed to wear white in the bush?

The normal answer: Yes, white is not permitted on game drives and on walks.

Africans Sojourns answer: There is no regulation, as such, that prohibits the wearing of white. The suggestion to not wear white has become widespread simply due to practical reasons.  It gets dirty very easily from dust and mud!  And it stands out clearly under the strong African sunshine so makes it much more difficult to blend into the green and brown bush when on a walk.  This inhibits your chances of seeing game.

african sojourn’s travel tips

The African Sojourns Golden Rule of safari travel

A safari in Africa can be life-changing, so slow down and take it all in. Rather return home with a happy heart and a mind full of memories, than a list full of ticks and a stamped passport which you can’t quite remember.

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