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A holiday is a very personal experience. We are a travel company, but our focus is to make sure we get to know you, understand your wishes and make sure that special memories are made. In order to do this, we urge you to engage openly and honestly with us about your expectations and wishes so that we can make sure that we delight you with exceptional experiences in Africa.

To visit Africa,
to spend time to notice
beauty of the land.
To feel its heat,
to drink it’s waters,
to observe, to marvel,
at its creatures,
great and small.

To see the diversity
of its people, in all
their rainbow shades,
to feel their warmth,
their love, their

Means Africa has touched your soul,
you have breathed in a love of Africa, a love that never ceases,
a love that never goes away.
you have been delighted, charmed,
have become enchanted by
The Spirit of Africa.

For Africa is a land of spirits,
they occupy dirt, soil, trees, flowers, fruit, food that feeds;
the mountains, streams,
rivers, seas, oceans,
air, the breath of life, and
all the people of its land.
Africa believes that before time,
before, things began, there was nothing, save for a void,
a sphere of spirit
that knew no limit;
it did not have a name.

This one spirit split broke up, spread, to change, to create our world, and all that’s here.
This one spirit known to us as love
stays the same, to
invade all it made,
all that visit, especially
those that stay.

Now if you leave, you’ll always yearn, you’ll hunger, you’ll always
have that longing to return.

Bob Blackwel

Photos courtesy of African Sojourns, Mashatu, Tintswalo and Anabezi