Royal Drakensburg School

Dawn in The Drakensberg

Lost in the mists of time
The dragon lies sleeping,
His hot breath forms clouds
Holding the fierceness that is his beauty.
Dawn dances over his scales
As his muscles ripple in harmony,
Her soft light touches each horn
And his heavy tail slides into sight.
The walls of air fade into sky
While dawn blushes in joy,
Her lips curve into a smile
Anticipating his wakefulness.
As dawn’s sweet singing
Fills the dragon’s lair,
His eye opens to gaze on her
With a passion aflame with fire.

Kim Koning

Please support the School

African Sojourns encourages anyone who wishes to make a meaningful difference in education in South Africa to donate to this worthy cause.

Please donate directly to the school by viewing their donations page:

For further information, please contact the school:
Megan Beddingham
Royal Drakensberg Primary School
School Phone: 076 088 1496
Fax: 086 518 7179

Social Investment – Royal Drakensberg School

The Royal Drakensberg School is situated in the Northern Drakensberg at the entrance to The Cavern. It is an independent school which caters for children from Grade 000 up to Grade 5.

“We believe that there is a great need for holistic education of a world class standard in our area. Conditions in these rural areas are poor and the teachers lack resources and infrastructure. We feel that an established independent school, which is properly staffed and managed, will go a long way to giving children the necessary grounding to reach their maximum potential.”

African Sojourns has chosen to support this school for the following reasons:

  • It is close to where we live in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains
  • The area is remote and very poor
  • We have massive problems with education in South Africa and this school is looking for solutions that work.
  • Pre-primary education is so important for the development of children
  • The school was initiated and is still managed by Megan Beddingham whose family owns the Cavern Resort and have been in the area for many years.

Charity Events

The Big Hike


Tracy participated in the Drakensberg Big 5 Hike in May 2017, and 2018, raising funds for the Royal Drakensberg School, a primary school located deep in the heart of the Drakensberg Mountains, far away from many facilities, and run by dedicated and inspiring individuals. Her family all managed the 18km of strenuous hiking in the day along with many others with ages ranging from 8 years to 70 years!

If you would like to support the school with any small donation, please click on either of the links below:

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Tel: + 27 (0) 33 266 6038
Mobile: +27 (0) 83 675 6031