“Nothing can really prepare you for Africa,
it is too full of extremes and contrasts,
too immense a spectrum of creation
so much wilder and more vivid
than anywhere else
that it seems to require
a new set of senses,
or the rediscovery of lost ones...

You are returned to times and experiences to which we have lost all other access.”
Evelyn Ames
A Glimpse of Eden

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January 2018


Africa. The very word conjures up an aura of mystery, romance and contrast. More than anywhere else on earth, Africa remains timeless and primeval. You will always remember the clear African sunlight, the sound of the lions at night, the smell of the morning campfire and the indescribable thrill of standing a few feet away from wild animals. These, plus a myriad of other memories such as delicious Cape chilled wine, boutique hotels, thousands of miles of pristine coastline, whales, dolphins and an astonishing array of cultures all draw visitors back to Africa time and time again.

To reach Africa is no longer difficult or expensive, but if you wish to see the best of what this magical continent has to offer, you must have expert advice.

African Sojourns is dedicated to creating and crafting personal, tailor-made holidays to Southern Africa and East Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi and Zambia). Being a small, specialist company enables us to ensure that your holiday truly reflects your individual style, budget, taste and time considerations.

Owned and managed by experts - we have had many year's experience in the industry as well as all being born and bred in Africa - we are committed to providing you with an enriching and rewarding experience. A key philosophy of the company is to remain as knowledgeable and up-to-date as possible about the offerings.

We are centrally located in KwaZulu Natal and from here are able to maintain excellent relationships with suppliers of accommodation, transport and other activities.

For further information, or to discuss a potential visit to Africa, please contact us.

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